Drilling Rig


Reverse Rotary drilling Rig will must be mounted on Ashoke Leyland chassis complete with driver ‘s cap two wheel drive provided by diesel Engine 150hp of the truck chassis for operation and transportation along with the following equipment specifications:-

The Mast of the rig will be of steel tubular welded construction permitting about 12 to 14 Meters clearance between the rotary table and of the sheaves. The heavy duty ‘C’ class pipe for the manufacture of the mast should be used for taking the safe load for lowering the assembly for 350Mtrs deep tube well. The mast would be safe supporting in operating position. The mast raising and lowering would have mechanical system.

Mast is completely hydraulic and have a separate lifting arrangement with extra were rope. The power for raising and lowering of the mast will be derived from the engine truck chassis.

The rated capacity of the rig will have capacity to drill holes of 32” dia up to 350 Meters below the ground level in alluvial soils.

The rig will the same engine of about 150 HP fitted on the truck chassis through a specially designed gear box. Additional water cooled industrial Diesel Engine of preferably Ashoke Leyland ALU 300 will be provided on the Rig for driving the jet Educator/force pump. The additional Engine will be complete with Radiator, Air Cleaner, Exhaust Muffler, self starting equipment operated by batteries and fuel tank of the truck engine.

The Mud pump will be heavy duty type capable of lifting the cuttings and solids up to at maximum rate of drilling. A suitable designed pump delivering the maximum quality of water not less then 1500GPM and with the maximum requisite pressure driving by the main power unit through suitable drives and with in depended control, will be provided on the rig. The pump should be complete with gate valves and quick operating arrangement. The size of suction and delivery pipi would be 200MM nominal dia. Duly supported with Mud Hose.


The equipment will be provided with suitable jet educator to support the Mud pump. The jet Venturinmechanism will have no moving parts and will be activated by 4 to nozzles. The jet educator will be driven by same diesel Engine.


The Mud pump will be provided with 5” sluice value or of higher size for priming of the main pump. A suitable vacuum pump with a friction clutch control and suitable vacuum gauge may also be provided, if desired for priming the main pump as a stand by arrangement.

The Rotary Table will be mounted on two thrust bearings of suitable type to avoid vibration & should be of totally permitting bits of 32” dia. The rotary table will be provided with 6 speeds-5 forward and one reverse transmission.

2 Nos, Heavy duty drums will be provided and mounted on suitable ball bearings capable of working independently and simultaneously operated by suitable study dog clutches. Each drum will be provided with brakes and brake area will be sufficient to hold the weight of assembly very easily by the operator. Suitable length of 25mm dia, steel wire rope will be provided on each drum. The draw works shaft will be made of nickel chrome alloy steel and mounted on spherical roller or ball bearing. The craw works will be driven through 6 speed – five forward and one reverse transmission.

The Kelley will be of heavy duty telescopic steel construction specially designed to give smooth and trouble free performance inner wash pipe will be made of 200mm dia heavy duty seamless pipes having minimum 8mm dia wall thickness. The size of outer and inner Kelly will be 400mm and 250mm nominal bore. The Kelly will provided with a specially designed water swivel with stuffing box to stop all the suction leakage and thereby increasing the drilling progress. The capacity of water swivel will be such that it can handle the weight of 300mtrs. Of drill pipes.

A suitable power take off arrangement will be provided for the Rig unit to derive power from the truck engine main clutch and transmission of the truck. Power take off will be of enclosed design with mud shield. All the shafts will be made of nickel chrome alloy steel and mounted on heavy duty ball bearings. Power input and output shafts will be of adequate size to transmit power with the help of standard flange coupling. The power take – off will be provided with three positions locking type operating handle i.e. truck neutral and Rig unit.

2 No. Heavy duty transmission gear boxes of reputed make preferably Ashok Leyland having 6 speeds – (Five forward and one reverse transmission) one for rotary table and second for draw works will be provided.

All the control levels will be grouped at driller position for easy and efficient operation of the rig.

4 Nos. Built leveling jacks and 2 Nos. extra jacks will be provided along with the Rig for leveling purposes.

Night light Arrangement will be provided for drilling during Night.

The rig floor should be made of chequred plate having minimum 6mm thivkness.

Lockable tool box with standard set of tool as detailed hereunder will be provided along Rig.

There are four hydraulic jug and six mechanical jug with hydraulic pump attached with the Rig